Sunday, November 18, 2012

Nurturing Green Minds


Nepal is home to endangered wildlife species like one horned Rhino and Tiger. Such endangered wildlife species is on the verge of extinction mainly due to massive poaching. The main factor leading the poaching is huge international demand and trade.

Wildlife Trafficking and trade has been a soaring black market worth an estimated more than 10 billion to 20 billion USD per year. This has caused the world’s wildlife population to decline. The wildlife species are important not only for ecosystem but also for economy of our country. NRs. 83.1 million was collected by Chitwan National Park alone on fiscal year 2067/68 primarily due to wildlife tourism. This will be possible unless and until we have such wildlife species. Therefore, there should be strong initiative in place without any delay to protect such species from poaching, trade, and extinction. The young generation could play highly effective role in the conservation of such endangered wildlife species. Therefore, it is necessary to inspire, educate, and involve young people on conservation.

Keeping this fact into consideration, Greenhood Nepal has come up with a project titled “Conservation School” to produce Young Conservation Leaders through conservation education so that they will not only educate and inspire others for conservation but also play strong role in avoiding wildlife poaching and trade at local and national level. Here is the Video of the First Batch of the Conservation School.

Conservation School "conserve yourself by conserving nature" by Greenhood Nepal

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