About me

A conservationist with diverse experience in research design, data collection, analysis, policy advocacy and program management including monitoring & evaluation.

Currently, I am leading Greenhood Nepal, at the same time I work as a research associate with the Lancaster Environment Centre, Biodiversity Fellow at the University of Oxford and MPhil in Conservation Leadership Student at the University of Cambridge.

My research interests lie primarily in law enforcement, drivers of wildlife trade, community-based conservation, conservation strategy & policy, and my current research works to understand participants' motivations for engaging in illegal wildlife trade in Nepal. I am active in Nepal's conservation community, working to curb illegal wildlife trade and to scale-up pangolin conservation efforts. In addition to research papers, I frequently write on conservation issues in Nepal’s reputed newspapers.

I co-founded and led the National Youth Alliance for Rhino Conservation (NYARC), which has succeeded in raising stakeholder concern about rhino conservation and is celebrating a 'zero poaching year for rhino'.  I also co-founded Greenhood Nepal, which works to strengthen public awareness and engagement with endangered species conservation.

I am very passionate about communicating research to grassroots communities -- which is how the concept of Ban Ko Katha, NepalPangolin, Seedtofeed, Conservation School, Nature Walk and many has started. You can follow me on twitter at @kmrpaudel and my blog post at kumarpaudel.com