People and parks: Kumar Paudel's rhino love

KATHMANDU, Feb 27: “If one realizes their potential yet doesn’t exploit it, he or she is a failure,” says 22-year-old Kumar Paudel. He is an environmental activist who has been working for rhino conservation and is currently working for the economical development of the locals residing in the buffer zone of Chitwan National Park. Paudel shares some of his work experiences and beliefs with Republica:

What inspired you to work for rhino conservation?

I came to Katmandu from Sindhupalchowk after completing SLC in 2006. My house was beside the Bhote Koshi Dam and I was quite fascinated looking at it. It made me want to become an engineer, so I got admission at Pulchowk Engineering Campus. But I believe that nature holds great powers and I used to spend my tuition money in exploring Chitwan, wanting to know more about the rhinos that were found in Nepal and were near extinction.

Tell us about your advocacy.
I believe that media has huge role in shaping up peoples’ perception. Often I was pricked by issues that I read about, and the news about rhinos being hunted bothered me. So I wanted to take action.
Currently, I’m more focused on the upliftment of the local people of Chitwan and Sindhupalchowk by advocating them to export their locally made products such as gundruk and potatoes.

How do you plan to raise awareness about environment?
Out of my work experience, I’ve noticed that people don’t work without incentives. I’ve been taking workshops at various schools and involving students in eco-friendly activities. I don’t know how successful I’ll be but I’ll follow the words of Noble Laureates Muhammad Yunus whom I met in the recent South Asian Youth Leaders Summit that was held in Dhaka from February 16 to 18. He said that one can never be successful if he or she keeps relying on other people or waiting for the right time.

Where do you stand in the future?

My family expects me to hold a proper job with a decent salary but I’m in a great dilemma about what profession to choose. I’m earning by giving physics lessons at a tuition center along with following my other projects. I’ll be here and keep doing what I feel is right for me.

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  1. We can be proud of such people like YOU ... we are not worried about your future ... You are determined in life and u will know what to do in your life and what to choose . You will have alot of opportunities ... Sure u will have a briliant future ! Ur friend from Reunion Island