My 23rd Birthday

Today is September 23, I am 23 years old. 23 years is not a very long time and then again it is enough time, I have more memories than if I were a 100s years old. I am just opening my email inbox. Everyone is wishing, The first one is from my sister and she is wishing me a happy birthday and 20-30 other emails from some friends and well-wishers. This is the day to celebrate coz my mother gave me birth and here now I m in the name of Kumar Paudel. But, Age and the average human lifespan are being scarcest things for me... At 23, that is maybe an immature funny feeling…. Anyway, it's strongly driving me to move on…. On this occasion, I want to thank all friends, family, well-wishers and supporters for their great endeavour to explore my world; the province of questions and unknowns with limitless possibilities.


  1. hi kumar!!! we're jon and maite and we've just realized that today it's your birthday, so HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!