The Talking Tree released on Youtube

Maire’s yew species from Nepal is on the verge of extinction due to overexploitation for their cancer-treating properties. The last remaining a few hundred wild trees are distributed in Central Nepal. We are working to save the wild Maire’s yew working with the local communities.

Here we present a story- a dialogue between a human and a tree oddly takes place. A boy named Ramesh is bewildered by an unusual sound while walking through the forest which leads to his school. They both get into an unexpected conversation where this lesser-known tree, Marie’s yew shares her pains and pleads to us to save these trees from extinction. Ramesh, her new friend, realizes the importance of Marie’s yew tree and promises to conserve it. The full version of this story was printed and distributed in schools around the key habitat of Maire’s yew trees in Kavrepalanchok. ISBN: 978-9937-0-8397 Story and Text: Kumar Paudel Illustrations: Sanyukta Shrestha Voice: Sharada Gurung, Kritik Wagle

Youtube link for the video:

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